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Tao Nightclub located in the well-known Venetian hotel, is one of the most distinguishable clubs in the world, one of the most successful in the United States, and has established itself as the most long-lasting in Las Vegas vip nightlife and bottle service experience.. Inspired in the Asian culture and architecture, it has sculptures, Buddha statues and artifacts placed throughout the venue and bathtubs at the entrance filled with flower petals and gorgeous models. Tao nightclub is a venue you shouldn’t miss if you’re planning a night out in Las Vegas with an amazing vip bottles and table booking experience.

Tao Las Vegas has two dance floors and an unbeatable terrace overlooking the Strip and is one of the largest in the city with a capacity of 2,500 guests. The club is also known for having some of the hottest go go dancers that perform both near the dance floor and above the main room and over the vip tables. To avoid any problems entering the club, VIP table booking is highly recommended for table prices or vip packages can vary on he day of the week, but it is always a good idea to reserve with bottle service.

If you fancy a busy and upscale mega-party, Tao is the perfect option to book your vip table as is it known as one of the busiest nightclub in Las Vegas and the table price and vip bottles totally worth it. The versatile party venue combines a restaurant, a lounge, a nightclub, and a pool party. Tao nightclub has various rooms for you to explore each offering different music genres and its own interior design. Tao Las Vegas is a celebrity hotspot and is known for hosting special DJ performances. As you would expect of any Las Vegas nightclub, The VIP experience at TAO comes with bottle service and VIP table reservations. The best tables at TAO are located in the main room near the dance floor or the moat your should book your vip table on these areas

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